Available courses

Sanitation Safety course covers various safety topics not covered in the GHS; PPE & LOTO courses. Included in this training: Chemical Handling & Storage; Exposure & First Aid, Chemical Color Coding; pH Scale; Emergency Wall Charts and other common sanitation safety topics.

Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) outline identifying potential dangers and energy sources. Always refer to your company specific LOTO program for instruction related to your operation.

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of chemical labeling & documentation is the international standard which was adopted by US in 2013. This course provides detailed information on SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and Labels.  

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) course provides overview of most common PPE's used in the Food & Beverage industry. 

This course introduces participants to basic plant micro-biology topics. 

This course covers basics on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Follow instructions and pass the quiz to obtain GMP certificate.

This training course outlines proper wet sanitation steps following the required 7 Step Sanitation process. This module can be used to train associates on standard sanitation process covering roughly 80% of your processing equipment.

This training module will introduce you to basic test kit procedures. Training videos and test kit procedures are included. In this informative training course you do not take a quiz or receive certificate. 

Enzyme Technology training is designed to introduce the enzyme process of cleaning when compared to legacy products. You will also learn AFCO/Zep enzyme product line. 

This course will review Continuous Improvement planning and customer savings projects. AFCO/Zep sales & service team specific training. Enrollment key is required. 

This training provides overview of the Bio-Cide ELF Chlorine Dioxide Generation and Injection System.

  • This comprehensive training course covers the following topics: Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), GHS SDS - Hazard Communication, Sanitation & Chemical Safety and Sanitation Steps. Included are 5 training videos, 5 downloadable study guides and 74 question quiz followed by dated certificate of completion.

  • To maintain proper sanitation chemical & safety training records, have each associate complete this course to receive their Annual Sanitation Chemical & Safety Training Certificate. Save this certificate in your training records. 
This program is designed for the DAF operator of a wastewater pre-treatment plant where the water is treated chemically in a Dissolved Air Flotation Unit (DAF). 

Infobase 5.0 training course is designed for INTERNAL use only by AFCO/Zep Food & Beverage personnel. This course explains in detail how you manage Infobase reporting for your regions, corporate customers or individual accounts.

This section contains all AFCO/Zep Sanitation Chemical & Safety training videos. The videos are in ZIP format so you or your customers can download each video and use for internal classroom training. All videos are in English, Latin Spanish, EU Spanish & French. Quizzes & Answer sheets are also provided. Enrollment key provided by your service representative. 

INTERNAL | AFCO/Zep Training Course | NOT READY !! | This comprehensive program covers all aspects of plant quality, safety & sanitation and pest elimination.